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Below is a list of all requirements and features the user directory & family tree will cover.  If you have ideas, please provide them by posting feedback.  I'll comment on your ideas and will update the list if your request is to be included.

Individual Directory:

  • Users will be able to modify their own personal data, as well as their parents, children, spouse.
  • Some users can be restricted from updating their information (for example: children).  If that's the case, the person's parents will have access to their info.
  • Users will be able to export entire lists of people (by family or group or by selected people) to a delimited file for import into Outlook, Outlook Express, or other mail program address books.
  • If an address, phone number, or email address has already been entered by a user for another POC's reference, the user will be able to select from that list instead of having to retype it (there will be a quick little popup search... definately for mailing addres... maybe for phone number, but prob not for email).  All of these will be stored in lookup tables so there aren't 5 different versions of mailing addresses for people.
  • Printer-friendly presentation of contact list.
  • Data to capture: name, birthday, day passed away, image of person, addresses (multiple), phone (multiple), email (multiple), IM (multiple), parents, spouse.

Family Tree:

  • User can specify if they want to see 2, 3, or 4 generations at a time.
  • People will be shown with the uploaded images of the person OR with a profile as a placeholder if no image specified.
  • The “top level“ generation listed in the view has “up-links“ to traverse up the family tree based off the person selected.  The same will be true for the “bottom level'... it will have “down-links“.
  • Users can click an icon to view more info on the selected person to view brief data on them OR they can click another icon which will take them to the person's public detail page.

This is simply an initial list and will be updated constantly in the comming days.

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