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Starting in 2007 and up through 2013 the majority of my work was in the area of SharePoint education and training offerings. It seemed I was either writing a course or teaching it somewhere on this great big world. I've taught classes all over the United States and Canada and even as far as Australia, the United Kingdom and the upper reaches of Norway. All of my training has been delivered either through a partnership I founded (and co-owned until 2013) in Critical Path Training or for/on behalf of Microsoft.

Microsoft hired me (along with Scot Hillier & Ted Pattison) to develop, author and deliver a five-day hands-on developer course during the beta lifecycle of SharePoint 2010 & SharePoint 2013. These courses were eventually made available to the public once the public beta and RTM milestones hit as the Metro and Ignite training programs.

Training comes in a few different flavors. First you have the traditional classroom hands-on approach that is referred to as instructor led training (ILT) where students sit in a classroom and listen to lectures, perform hands-on labs with an instructor delivering the course and answering questions. Another variant of this is doing this online as a virtual instructor-led training (V-ILT). In both ILT & V-ILT the student has access to a live instructor during the delivery of the course and can participate with a high degree of interaction. The third type of training is on-demand training where courses are recorded previously and exist in an online catalog.

You can get training from me using either of these two formats through Critical Path Training or Pluralsight.

On-Demand Training

Pluralsight is an industry leader in on-demand training. They have the highest quality content by course others you see at every major conference or see on the bookshelves in your local store. I've published 10+ courses and directed many more related to SharePoint 2007, SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2013.

For a list of all my courses, jump over to the to my author bio on the Pluralsight website

I've also created summaries for all my courses here on this page for that has a little more information about each course.

I always have another course in the pipeline… but if you have an idea for a new course, please let me know!


Instructor-Led Training

The training company I co-founded in 2009, Critical Path Training, excels in these two delivery models. While I sold my ownership interest in Critical Path Training I still teach SharePoint developer courses through them (check the public schedule for where you can find me). If you have a big group of developers you want to teach (8+) it usually makes more sense to do a private class at your location. If you are interested in a private SharePoint development hands-on course, please contact me so we can discuss it further.

In addition to SharePoint development courses, Critical Path Training offers classes for many other audiences such as administrators, IT professionals, end users, power users and web designers. Check out their course catalog and public schedule for the latest offerings that fit your needs.