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This course is called SharePoint 2010 Developer Ramp-Up - Part 5: Content Management. This course is available to all Pluralsight subscribers.

Course Description:

SharePoint 2010 includes Enterprise Content Management features that pushed it into one of the market leaders in the space. In this course you will learn how to use the document ID service, document sets, content organizer and taxonomies provided by the new Managed Metadata Service both in the browser as well as with custom code. In addition you'll also learn how to create custom content centric sites using the Publishing features in Web Content Management.

Module 1: Web Content Management

In this module you will learn how to use the Publishing capabilities in SharePoint Server 2010 to create content-centric sites, empowering content owners to update sites without involving the IT group every time changes need to happen.

Module 2: Enterprise Content Management

Microsoft’s approach to ECM is to encourage more people to participate in ECM solutions by incorporating ECM techniques in traditional collaboration experiences as well as provide the tools for records managers to manage and analyze the large quantities of content. In this module you will learn about Microsoft’s ECM strategy within SharePoint Server 2010. You will also see how you can leverage SharePoint Server 2010 to create robust content-centric solutions using Web Content Management.

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