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    <p>Great news out of SharePoint Connections in Vegas and TechEd Barcelona this week!</p>
    <li>Last Friday the <strong>2007 Office System RTM'd</strong> and bits were signed off on yesterday (per Tom Rizzo's talk at Connections this AM)... you should be able to download the bits starting next week (<strong>November 16, 2006</strong>). This includes ~all~ the clients and server SKU's (yes, that does include MOSS 2007). <a href="">Here's the official press release</a>. </li>
    <li><strong>Visual Studio 2005 Tools for 2007 Office System Second Edition </strong>are now available (announced at TechEd Barcelona). <a href=";displaylang=en">You can download VSTO 2005 SE here</a>. </li>
    <li><strong>Visual Studio extensions for Windows SharePoint Services</strong> (VSeWSS) CTP is now available for download (per Alex Malek). <a href=";displaylang=en">You can download the extensions here</a>. If you have questions or need support, use the <a href="">microsoft.public.sharepoint.development_and_programming</a> newsgroup.</li>
    <p>Are you attending Connections? Please introduce yourself... I'd love to meet some of my readers and get some live feedback as to want to see on my blog in the coming months. So far it's a great conference... and the night life doesn't suck either. Thankfully Bellagio's tables were kind to me last night after delivering a hard punch Sunday night and brought be back up out of the red (but it's a long week). That's where you'll find me most nights... either in Bellagio or Wynn playing blackjack nursing a few whiskey's... wanna join? Look for the single deck blackjack tables first (that's why I don't play Mandalay Bay much anymore... they don't have single deck... actually... neither does Bellagio, but the atmosphere in Bellagio is just too nice to pass up).</p>
    <p>[<strong><font color="#ff0000">Updated 11/14/2006 11:45p</font></strong>] Fixed a typo in the VS extentions for WSS (forgot the W in the short name)... </p>
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