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It’s a good thing I have a personal policy of not cursing on my blog.  Last night my Sony DRU-510A DVD+-RW drive decided to stop working.  I was in the midst of copying a DVD I got from a vendor to share with some co-workers who work at another location. After my machine slowed to a crawl and the copy process was stuck at 98% for about 45m.  The LED on the front flashed continously and the only way I could open the drive was using the manual paperclip method.

So it ends up, after some research, this is a known issue.  Sony issued an updated firmware and if you applied it before the drive froze up, you’d be ok.  But if you didn’t (see: me), you were running on borrowed time.  Once it froze up, it was as valuable as a paperweight/doorstop.  So I contact Sony tech support and get a reply that basically says “too bad, but we have a great line of DVD burners available on our website”.  I registered my drive online, got the confirmation, and still get the marketing news emailed to me.  But Sony decided to NOT notify all the registered customers about the firmware update, and potential downside to ignoring it… even when a mass email costs virtually nothing.  After informing the tech support of this, they wouldn’t change their position.

You know, it’s too bad for Sony.  I’m in the market for a HDTV in the next 12 months and two Sony models were on my short list.  From this point forward I’ve written off Sony.  I did my part as a consumer… you can’t hold up your side of the bargin.  That $300 drive I got back in August 2003 just cost you a $2000–$5000 HDTV sale and a nice nastygram on my blog. 

[four-letter-word] you Sony! Cya!

PS – in related news, I’m in the market for a new DVD+-RW drive… anyone have rec’s?

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