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    <p>A while ago <a href="">Dustin Miller offered to mirror your blog</a> as long as it was SharePoint related through "the" place for a SharePoint blog: <a href=""></a> naturally. After seeing how it was implemented I jumped on board. Wow... now that was one smart move. </p>
    <p>So here's how it works. You've got all those blogs that are already on and they've had their main feed for a while now. When your blog is added as a mirror, you're added to an <a href="">External Feeds</a> list. All this does is have their site subscribe to your blog feed. When you post it will add a new entry to the external feeds with the title, the first X words in your post and best of all, link back to <em>YOUR</em> post on <em>YOUR </em>blog. Readers will also see the name of <em>YOUR </em>blog in the footer of the post. So all you're doing is syndicating your blog post title, a short excerpt and if someone is interested, they will subscribe to your feed. <em><u>No commentary... just raw content</u></em>. Then people that subscribe to the main <a href=";Type=AllBlogs"> feed</a> will get both the native blogs to that site as well as the mirrored blogs. Now that's expanding your reach! Here's a little snapshot of what you would see if your blog was mirrored... it shows <a href="">one of my posts from yesterday</a> (the URL in the status bar shows that it will send you back to my blog feed... that's the <a href="">FeedBurner</a> URL for my post which is used in tracking hits &amp; where the come from... slick service by FeedBurner):</p>
    <p align="center"><a title="Photo Sharing" href=""><img height="271" alt="SPBlogsMirroring" width="500" border="0" src=""></a></p>
    <p>I subscribe to the main feed. While you can easily get overwhelmed with the number of posts, when I have a few minutes (ie: on a plane or sitting in the living room through one of my wife's shows), I scan the subjects and when I see something I like, I can quickly read the teaser (or full post if the blog is native to and if it's a good one, I subscribe to the blog. It's a fantastic way to get a pulse on the SharePoint blogosphere.</p>
    <p>Downside: you see about a gazilliion posts about some new announcements as it seems that everyone wants to blog about "Halo 3 is now available". Thanks... that wore off around the 241st time :)</p>
    <p>If you blog about SharePoint and your blog is NOT being mirrored on or already on, you should go <a href="">fill out the form</a> right now for some free blog exposure.</p>
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