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I'm not thrilled with this post title, but it does say what I'm trying to convey in this post. In a recent post I explained where I was and what I was trying to achieve. Ultimately my goal was the following (stolen from my previous post):

I wanted to easily get the most recent changes from the master Orchard source tree. I then wanted to easily make edits and changes to that tree but keep them separate but I also wanted to easily make contributions to the Orchard project and submit changes as a Git pull request. Further, when there were updates to the Orchard source, I wanted to (on my schedule) merge those changes into my custom implementations so my local implementations were always on the most current release, but I didn't want the process to be tedious or have any repetitive work such as having to re-apply my code changes. Finally, I wanted to be able to have this handle multiple Orchard deployments without having to duplicate the work across all of them.

In the following article, I walk through the process that I've setup. Its part for others who are trying to do the same thing, but it is also for me as I needed this for my own stuff as well. There very well may be a better way to do what I'm doing in the Development > Production with respect to Git... by all means I'm open to input! What I have now though works great and it is not terribly complicated.

» HowTo Setup: Orchard CMS Source Enlistment for Local Dev and Automated Git Publishing to Azure

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