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    <p>The other day <a href="">Spence</a> <a href="">pointed me</a> to the latest FeedDemon beta from NewsGator (v1.6 beta 2) after reading one of my .&nbsp; So far, I&#8217;m VERY impressed.&nbsp; I&#8217;m quite happy with the performance&#8230; NewsGator Outlook Edition &amp; RSSBandit were consuming 100MB+ and spiking my CPU close to 100% for extended times.&nbsp; I haven't seen FeedDemon consume more than 45MB or spike the CPU at all... when it downloaded my feeds, i didn't even notice it.&nbsp; (side note: Outlook is running much better now that I've removed NGOE).</p>
    <p>I imported all my feeds from my NewsGator Online account, tweaked my folders (NGOE and RSSBandit allowed multiple nested folders, but FeedDemon only allowed one level deep&#8230; no big deal), and started to play.&nbsp; The keyboard shortcuts are very nice... and FINALLY an app where you can find them all in one easy to use list!</p>
    <p>FeedDemon has many of the same features I was looking for (and had) in NGOE and RSSBandit such as the ability to <strong>create your own XSLT&#8217;s for feed reading</strong> (took the CSS <a href="">Heather</a> did <a href="">for my site UI recently</a> and now all my subs are uniform), <strong>flagging</strong> (albet it NGOE blew them out of the water with the Outlook colored flags) and <strong>sync between two machines</strong>.</p>
    <p>One very slick feature I have found (and already jumped on) is the <strong>news bin</strong>.&nbsp; You can create a news bin and add posts to it.&nbsp; I used to use Outlook&#8217;s colored flags to indicate if a post was of certain type (red for &#8220;must read&#8221; later, yellow for CMS, green for <a title="" href="" target="_blank">SharePoint</a>, orange for code samples, etc) but you were limited to 6 colors.&nbsp; I can have as many news bins as I want.&nbsp; I&#8217;ve created one for all the old flags I had, plus MUST READ and MUST FOLLOWUP.&nbsp; Then all you hve to do is right-click a post and point ti to the newsbin (or drag-drop).</p>
    <p>Another feature I liked is the <strong>subscription manager</strong>.&nbsp; For once an RSS app made it easy to deal with mass subscriptions&#8230; selecting multiple and dragging them into a new folder.&nbsp; From there, you can also set the a retention schedule, feed download schedule, default XSLT for viewing feeds, and if you want to sync the folder with NewsGator Online (yes, I can still sync read state!)&#8230; all settings are global to a folder&#8230; all feeds inherit it!&nbsp; And not just new feeds, existing ones too!</p>
    <p>Last feature drop: <strong>watch lists</strong>.&nbsp; Create a watch list that will find posts containing specific keywords (in the title AND/OR the post body), matching the case, and/or whole words, and/or match all keywords.&nbsp; Good way to watch your subscriptions to see who&#8217;s talking about your posts!</p>
    <p>Two wishes off the cuff:</p>
    <li><strong>NNTP subscriptions</strong>
    <li><strong>CommentAPI</strong> <strong>support</strong>&#8230; let me post, read, and be notified when new comments are posted to existing comments (RSSBandit has the others beat in this area)</li></li></ul>
    <p>For now, FeedDemon is my RSS aggregator of choice&#8230; time will tell if it&#8217;s my holy grail (I&#8217;m looking forward to seeing how it performs when I have about a month's worth of content)... at least until Vista goes RTM and new aggregators leverage it&#8217;s data element features that have been widely published.</p>
    <p>My heap of discarded RSS aggregators: NewsGator Outlook Edition (NGOE), Omea Reader, RSSBandit, SharpReader.</p>
    <p>Next order of business... clean up subscriptions. I like the Scoble rules... if they haven't posted in a few months, if they don't syndicate the entire contents of the post (exception: news & bulletin sites like FoxNews/ESPN/CNET)... delete the feed. I wish there was a way with some of these aggregator feeds (like Community Server) to exclude certain blogs from the aggregate feed... oh well.</p>
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