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    <p>The first box arrived last Thursday, the case on Monday, and the rest arrived yesterday!&nbsp; Unpacked everything and now it&rsquo;s spread out across the dining room table.&nbsp; I&rsquo;ve found my <a href="">SilverStone LC16B-M case</a> didn&rsquo;t contain the bag of screws and risers for the motherboard which was disappointing after spending $200+ on a case.&nbsp; Thankfully I had two bags of spares lying around which solved that issue.</p>
    <p>Next, after opening the <a href="">motherboard</a> box, I got a little concerned if the huge <a href=";code=005009">120mm Zalman CPU fan</a>&nbsp;I got was going to clear a rather large heatsink for one of the on board chips.&nbsp; After carefully opening the fan packaging (in case it needed to be returned), I set the fan in place and was pleasantly surprised that it did in fact clear the motherboard heatsink&hellip; granted it only cleared by 2mm or less, but it cleared!</p>
    <p>Another thing got me: the case had QUITE a few more cables coming from the front of the case than what was shown in the manual (aside from the missing screws&hellip; grrr).&nbsp; I didn&rsquo;t realize that every single port in the 3.5&rdquo; module that contains 4 USB2.0, 1 Firewire, and audio out&nbsp;had it&rsquo;s own cable to connect to the motherboard.&nbsp; That&rsquo;s the first time I&rsquo;ve connected a pin-based USB device!&nbsp; I ~think~ I have all the jumpers in the correct place&hellip; once I turn it on I&rsquo;ll know based on how the front buttons respond.&nbsp; One didn&rsquo;t match up with the instructions: power LED&hellip; it showed it was supposed to have cables, but it actually had three.&nbsp; Oh well, we&rsquo;ll see soon enough!!!</p>
    <p>I didn&rsquo;t get a chance to install everything has I had a little more stuff to address.&nbsp; Maybe later tonight we&rsquo;ll be booting, partioning, and installing!</p>
    <p>Took a few snapshots up to this point:</p>
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    <td><a title="Photo Sharing" href=""><img height="180" alt="DSCN3266" width="240" src=""></a></td>
    <td>All parts have been received, ready for the buildout! </td>
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    <td><a title="Photo Sharing" href=""><img height="180" alt="DSCN3267" width="240" src=""></a></td>
    <td>Empty case... now let's get started! Hmm... sure are a lot more wires coming off the front of the case than what's shown in the manual... </td>
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    <td><a title="Photo Sharing" href=""><img height="180" alt="DSCN3268" width="240" src=""></a></td>
    <td>The motherboard, PSU and all drives installed, as well as the cables coming off the front of the case. All that's left are the cards, CPU, and memory! </td>
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