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    <p>Looking for some hard-core development training on building MOSS 2007 Web Content Management (WCM) / Publishing sites? I'll be teaching my class, <a href="">WCM401: Developing Publishing Sites with SharePoint Server 2007 Web Content Management</a>, three times over the summer months through the <a href="">Ted Pattison Group</a> in two different formats.</p>
    <p>Can't get away from the office for a whole week? Can't travel? <strong>The week of July 21-25 I'll be teaching my </strong><a href=""><strong>WC-WCM401 </strong></a><strong>class (which is slightly modified from the hands-on class) </strong><a href=""><strong>via Live meeting for only $995/person</strong></a><strong> (discounts are available for multiple registrations).</strong> You get the same class as the hands on version (minus two modules) with the added convenience of not leaving the office / home! <a href="">Register here</a>.</p>
    <p>Want a more interactive &amp; rich experience? <strong>I'll be teaching my </strong><a href=""><strong>WCM401 </strong></a><strong>hands-on class the week of </strong><a href=""><strong>August 4-7 in Irvine, California for $2,395</strong></a><strong>. This class will be held in the Microsoft Technology Center (MTC), a state-of-the-art facility!</strong> <a href="">Register here</a>. </p>
    <p>If California is too remote for you, <strong>I'll be teaching the same class the week of </strong><a href=""><strong>September 22-25 in the Microsoft MTC in Atlanta, Georgia for $2,395</strong></a><strong>. </strong><a href="">Register here</a>.</p>
    <p>For those in-person hands-on classes in California &amp; Georgia, we'll schedule a night or two for those interested to head out for dinner and drinks to shoot the breeze. If you've got a project you're working on and need help, this is a great time to bring some questions to the table outside of the classroom.</p>
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