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[via Chester]

Congrats Chester!  I hope to see a plug-in capability as you beat me to the punch on building a utility such as this.  I have some ideas I’d like to throw in myself! Just stay out of the database Chester .  Thanks for the kudos amigo!

Today Code Project have announced MCMS Manager as the best article of the month in ASP.NET category.It happened because of all the support and feedbacks I received from you! I want to thank those who gave me all the support and feedbacks. They truly helped me to make MCMS Manager more usable. My thanks goes to Rick Mason, Wolfgang Schober, David Humphreys, Austrian, Justin Drerup, Rob Rohr, Ajay Mistry, Spencer Harbar, Andrew Connell, Nick, Sachintana, Sanjaya and all others who have motivated me. Thanks a lot!Also I wanted to thank Brice Dunwoodie for his nice article about MCMS Manager on CMS Wire!

» MCMS Manager - The Best Article for March 2005

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