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    <p>After <a href="http://%20">posting a harsh rant</a> (when I was quite hot under the collar) about the new NewsGator 2.5 release, as well as my sync issues, Greg @ NewsGator <a href="">left me a message via a comment</a> to that post to contact him directly regarding the issue.&nbsp; So I finally took a moment to craft a detailed email about my issue, which he addressed quite promptly and was detailed in how the 2.5 sync issues worked.</p>
    <p>Not only that, but he linked in a support guy from NewsGator and two developers from the Outlook Edition dev team.&nbsp; One of them, Gordon (on the Outlook Ed. dev team), explained in detail why my solution of copying a PST from one PC to another wouldn&rsquo;t work.&nbsp; Went so far as to explain the implementation under the covers of&nbsp;how the sync in 2.5 works!</p>
    <p>[<em>the following is paraphrased from emails traded with Greg &amp; Gordon @ NewsGator&hellip; I&rsquo;m leaving off their full names and emails&hellip; hey, if it were me, I wouldn&rsquo;t want my email open to spammers</em>]</p>
    <p>First of all, when you upgrade&nbsp;the first machine to v2.5 your local &amp; online folder structure are merged.&nbsp; The initial sync may result in some dupe content.&nbsp; Then, when you update the second machine with v2.5, you tell it &ldquo;replace local with online&rdquo;&nbsp;and it will download all the feeds.</p>
    <p>My problem is that I coped my entire PST from one machine to another in an effort to retain my Outlook 2003 colored flags, as I explained how I use them in a <a href="">previous post</a>.&nbsp; Gordon informed me what they do is create a mapping file (<font face="Courier New" color="#800000">%HOMEPATH\Application Data\RAI\NewsGator\posts.db</font>) which contains the NewsGator &ldquo;Post ID&rdquo; (a custom field which is added to all posts) of all posts.&nbsp; The sync doesn&rsquo;t sync based on the content in the PST.&nbsp; While it could use the custom data it adds to each post, this process is incredibly slow.&nbsp; So, they create a mapping of every NewsGator PostID to the Outlook Entry ID in the above mentioned file.</p>
    <p>I also asked about the flag syncing.&nbsp; It&rsquo;s something they are planning to add to a future version, but no time line or availability.&nbsp; VERY COOL!</p>
    <p><strong>I owe the NewsGator guys a apology.</strong>&nbsp; I&rsquo;m impressed with the customer service as they were proactive in answering my issues.&nbsp; <strong>Sorry guys&hellip; and thanks Greg &amp; Gordon @ NewsGator!</strong></p>
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