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The guy behind you’ve got HAACKED is a developer after my own… uh (don’t get freaky)… uh… mouse?

You .NET guys used to VSS (throw me in with them), ever try to work with PuTTY, CVS, SSH keys, etc on SourceForge?

This post is dedicated to the .NET head who’s grown up on Visual Source Safe and suddenly finds himself (or herself) in the midst of an open source project hosted by SourceForge. CVS is very different from the check-out, check-in pessimistic locking approach taken by VSS. I hope to demistify it just a bit so you can start hacking away at the numerous .NET based open source projects hosted on SourceForge.

THANK YOU!!!  ROCK ON!  I think I need to throw in some time into SubText JUST for this post!

» Quickstart Guide To Open Source Development With CVS and SourceForge

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