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Social computing is one of the coolest and interesting things to me.  I’ve always followed what the Microsoft Research Social Computing group is working on.  Yesterday, a co-worker turned me onto this new site that’s keyed around social bookmarking.  In short, this is one of the new killer apps I’ve come across in a while. (delicious… get it?) is a social bookmarks manager.  After creating your own free account, you can add bookmarks through a online form.  You can tag your bookmarks for organization, but what’s cool is you can see who else has added the links to their site.  So you could see how many people link to your site.

Two other pieces really caught my attention: [1] all your bookmarks are published as RSS feeds as are each of your tags and [2] people have built utilities that install into the right-click menu in IE (and Mozilla, Safari, FireFox, etc) that will submit a bookmark to your account just by right-clicking a page!

I’m in the process of adding all my links on my blog -> my delicious account.  In the next update of my site I’ll change my links pages to consume these RSS feeds.  VERY SLICK.

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