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    <p>"<em>When I create new pages on a site, they don't go into the subfolder I've created, they always go in the root of the library?</em>"</p>
    <p>"<em>How can I use the CQWP to find pages in a specific subfolder in the Pages list in my Publishing site?</em>"</p>
    <p>"<em>I'm having [insert just about anything] issue and I'm using subfolders in my ?pages library in my Publishing site. How can I fix this?</em>"</p>
    <p>I get some sort of a variation of these three questions at least once every two weeks. In an effort to provide some sort of proactive support, I want to point people to a Microsoft knowledge base article that explicitly states that using subfolders in the Pages library within a Publishing site is not supported:</p>
    <p>&raquo; <a href="">#948614 - New pages that are created in a subfolder of a Pages library of SharePoint Server 2007 are saved in the root of the Pages library</a></p>
    <p>[<strong><font color="#ff0000">Updated 5/19/2008 @ 5p</font></strong>] Link fixed.</p>
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