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    <p><a href="">TechEd North America 2008</a> Developer week is next week (June 3-6), followed by IT Pro week (June 10-13). I'll be there both weeks... amazing... they are actually letting a dev in the IT Pro week. Don't forget to <a href="">pickup your free copy</a> of my <a href=";camp=14573&amp;creative=327641&amp;linkCode=as1&amp;creativeASIN=0470224754&amp;adid=02NBN5VG6FZTPA9R99CB&amp;">Pro SharePoint 2007 WCM Development</a> book while you're at TechEd!</p>
    <p>I'll be there all week for the developer portion and part of the IT Pro (the latter half). I have two sessions each week (and one ATE session IT Pro week):</p>
    <h3>TechEd Developer:</h3>
    <li><a href="">Don't Be a Tool, Be a Better SharePoint Developer through Tools!</a> (OFC02-TLC)
    Thursday, June 5 @ 2:45p </li>
    <li><a href="">Building High Performance Solutions on Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007</a> (OFC307)
    Friday, June 6 @ 1p</li>
    <h3>TechEd IT Pro:</h3>
    <li><a href="">Managing Web Content Management Sites in Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007</a> (OFC376)
    Thursday, June 12 @ 4:30p </li>
    <li>Ask The Experts - SharePoint Panel
    Thursday, June 12 @ noon </li>
    <li><a href="">Code Access Security (CAS) for SharePoint Administrators</a> (OFC451)
    Friday, June 13 @ 4:30p</li>
    <p>Don't forget to hit up <a href="">Shane Young's</a> sessions! After a long preconference session on Monday, June 9 (SharePoint Upgrade: Hands-on Guidance, Best Practices, and Techniques), check out his other sessions around administration, governance, deployment and architecture scalability.</p>
    <h3>SharePoint 911 &amp; Ted Pattison Group @ the Expo!</h3>
    <p>Come see us at the combo <a href="">SharePoint 911</a> and <a href="">Ted Pattison Group</a> booth (#1125) and get your chance to collect all the books written by those affiliated with SP911/TPG. We're giving a 12-book set away each day during the developer week! Check out all the sessions that SharePoint 911 &amp; TPG instructors will be presenting... all of <a href="">Shane Young's</a>, <a href="">John Holliday's</a>, <a href="">Peter DeBetta's</a> &amp; <a href="">Ted Pattison's</a> sessions are <a href="">posted on this page</a>.</p>

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    <h3>SharePoint by Day, SharePint by Night</h3>
    <p>Don't forget about the <a href="">SharePint by Night social event</a> on the Monday night before both TechEd's! There's no registration... just come on in and enjoy a fun night at <a href="">BB King's</a>, just a half-mile from the convention center (9101 International Drive #2230; Orlando, FL).</p>
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