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    <p>Yesterday&rsquo;s Wall Street Journal had a short overview of the <a title="TiVo" href="">TiVo</a> conference call from Wednesday where they released that <a title="TiVo" href="">TiVo</a> made a profit in the quarter ending July 31 of $240,000.&nbsp; However they issued a warning as they have elected to aggressively spend to boost their marketing.</p>
    <p>Another fact was mentioned during the call.&nbsp; They added 254,000 new subscribers in the quarter.&nbsp; However, 214,000 of them (roughly 84%) were from DirecTV subscribers.&nbsp; The DirecTV-TiVo partnership is no more as of early 2007, showing how much <a title="TiVo" href="">TiVo</a> is relying upon DirecTV.&nbsp; This isn&rsquo;t an echo of the death watch that some have called for, but that seems quite ominous to me.</p>
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