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While I'm hard at work on my SaaS startupKerrb, we thought we'd put together a little getting started guide for folks who want to look at using virual machines (VM) in Azure for their development environemnts. For now you'll need to make sure you shut the VMs off yourself, but in the not too distant future we'll have some stuff to share to show you how we cna help you automate this task, as well as others! We believe in empowering users to do more with less. We are also crazy about the Microsoft Azure cloud platform and want others to be too.

So to help those who have not yet started with Azure, or those who have but want to get a step up on how to leverage things like PowerShell, we have put together a totally free 5 part course!

Course: Setting up, Managing and Working with Virtual Machines in Microsoft Azure

Here are the things we cover in the course:

  • Part 1: Getting Started - Controlling Azure Virtual Machines with Windows PowerShell
  • Part 2: Creating Azure Virtual Machines
  • Part 3: Performing Common Tasks on Azure Virtual Machines
  • Part 4: Creating a Point-to-Site VPN to your Azure Virtual Machines
  • Part 5: Understanding Azure Virtual Machine Pricing and Usage

Each part contains useful background information, code samples and a step by step tutioral on how to do it yourself.

Sign up below and we will send you part 1 immediately! Additionally, you will be one of the first to recieve early access to Kerrb when it's ready!

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