About Me


I am an entrepreneur & developer with an emphasis in Microsoft SharePoint & client-side development. In April of 2005, I was recognized by Microsoft for my community contributions by being awarded Most Valuable Professional (MVP) for Microsoft Content Management Server & have received the award annually for SharePoint Server, and now Office Development every year since. Most of my work these days involves working with the Microsoft SharePoint, Office 365 and web development technologies.

In 2013, I co-founded & currently still co-host a podcast, the Microsoft Cloud Show, that is focused on the Microsoft cloud offerings such as Microsoft Azure, Office 365 and the competitive landscape. Along with my fantastic co-host, Chris Johnson, we have kept a regular schedule publishing weekly episodes.

As I’ll explain more in the next section, my primary focus is my training business, Voitanos, which I founded in 2017. Through this business I publish and sell video-based on-demand training for developers on topics from my background, such as SharePoint, Office 365 and Microsoft Azure.


In October 2016 I started a new site, Voitanos.io, to host on-demand courses I create and publish going forward. After publishing for other providers, I decided I wanted to self-host it and bring these courses direct to students.

In February 2013 I sold my interest in a partnership I founded, Critical Path Training LLC., to explore new opportunities in working on real world SharePoint deployments in addition to teaching SharePoint development courses. In addition to teaching hands-on SharePoint development courses for Critical Path Training, I have numerous on-demand courses I’ve authored & recorded at Pluralsight on the subjects of SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2013 among many SharePoint related niche topics as well.

In May 2009 I teamed up with Ted Pattison to start a new company, Critical Path Training LLC., dedicated to providing the best SharePoint training. During this time we taught thousands of people and were hired by Microsoft in the early beta versions of SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2013 to create a 5-day developer class for customers, ISVs and Microsoft employees as part of the Technology Adoption Program (TAP) in the lead up to the public beta releases known as the Metro and Ignite training courses. In February 2013 I sold my interest in CPT to Ted Pattison so I could explore other opportunities, but I continue to teach and work with CPT on a regular basis.


If you’re interested in contacting me, please reach me via a private message on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn (use the social badges at the top-right of this site). My work is primarily focused around training (through my business Voitanos, speaking and writing about SharePoint development topics. I don’t do much consulting these days as it doesn’t work well with training.


From September 2003 until March 2013 the majority of my site was implemented using the SubText blogging engine & a custom skin. The site was hosted at OrcsWeb. Originally I started with the .TEXT blogging engine that was forked and dubbed SubText. This served me well for many years, but in later years the community behind SubText evaporated and it started to show it’s age.

In March 2013 I changed everything up. The site now runs entirely on a open source CMS solution, OrchardCMS, and is hosted in the Microsoft cloud (Microsoft Azure Web Sites, Azure SQL Databases & Microsoft Azure Storage. This is a much better, robust and flexible solution for my site as I wanted a true CMS engine compared to just a blogging tool. I’ve written numerous blog posts and articles on the subject of migrating to Orchard if you’re interested.

However, over time I realized I just didn’t need the complexity of cost of a CMS. Not that there’s anything wrong with Orchard, but I wanted to go with something simpler. And so…

In August 2019 I re-launched the site again. This time, I moved away from the dynamic database setup and went with a static site. I’m using the engine Hugo to create the site and host it using Microsoft Azure. The site is automatically built & deployed using Azure DevOps Pipelines. I like the simplicity and speed of a static site. Nothing wrong with a CMS like Orchard, but I just found I didn’t need the multi-user or dynamic capabilities of a CMS anymore.


I’m in my 40’s, married with two kids, two dogs and live in St Johns, Florida, United States (a suburb of Jacksonville, FL). Jacksonville is where I’ve lived since I was born, except for a 4 year period while I was away at the University of Florida in Gainesville, Florida.

Why stay in one place? Frankly, I love the climate and the city… and it’s just home. I have had an itch to live in a big city… specifically I’d like to live in a city like Chicago, Boston, or Seattle… it just has to be near the ocean. I doubt I’d last far inland for very long as the beach is very relaxing and therapeutic. Once a year my family vacations on top of a mountain in western North Carolina and for a week on a beach in the south east United States mostly off the grid… it’s wonderful, relaxing, and very recharging.