My Blog Series

Occassionally I’ll write a series of blog posts on one topic that constitute a multi-part series. This page contains a list of all the blog series' you’ll find on my site.

Node.js Development for .NET Developers (July - August 2015 - 9 parts) As someone who’s spent a lot of time working with Node.js, I thought it would be helpfult to have some reference posts that helped understand what it’s like to develop with Node.js, so here they go: /blog/node-js-development-for-net-developers-overview

Office 365/SharePoint Online + Windows Azure Authentication Challenges (January 2012 - 5 parts) I did a session at Microsoft’s SharePoint Conference 2011 on integrating Office365/SharePoint Online & Windows Azure. In building out the demo for that I ran into some challenges when I tried to have my custom Windows Azure solution talk to and interact with a hosted SharePoint 2010 site collection living in my Office 365 SharePoint Online space. I ran into a few challenging spots when I tried using any of the four remote data access techniques available to developers. This blog series will talk about some of these challenges and how to overcome them… /blog/Office-365SharePoint-Online-Windows-Azure-Authentication-Challenges-About-this-Series**

SharePoint 2010 & Windows Azure (January 2012 - 4 parts) Over the next few posts I want to talk about a few different things related to integrating SharePoint 2010 & Windows Azure. Some of it are just opinions, musings and rants while others are more technical… /blog/SP2010-Windows-Azure-About-this-Series**

Silverlight, MMV & SharePoint (October 2011 - 9 parts) The next few posts are going to talk about a few things related to SharePoint, MVVM and SharePoint. In here I’ll talk about a few different challenges I ran into and some techniques I’ve adopted. I’ll use this post as the table of contents for all those posts. One thing to keep note of is that most of the topics discussed here are not SharePoint related at all… they are mostly Silverlight & the MVVM design pattern. I’m simply using SharePoint as my app host, deployment vehicle & the thing that holds my data (which is exposed via the SharePoint client side object model (CSOM) or an OData service)… /blog/Silverlight-MVVM-SharePoint-About-this-Series

SharePoint 2010 Ribbon Development (June 2011 - 5 parts) In October 2010 I did a bunch of posts on SharePoint 2010 ribbon development… /blog/SP2010-Ribbon-Development-Series

SharePoint 2010 Managed Metadata (June 2011 - 7 parts) I’ve been wanting to do a series on Managed Metadata in SharePoint 2010 for quite some time. What will follow in a few subsequent posts could likely be found on other people’s blogs or in SharePoint documentation on MSDN & TechNet. The reason why I’m writing it is because I seem to keep getting the question over and over that goes something like “I know what it is, but what is your take on SharePoint 2010 Managed Metadata?” So here you go, this is my take… /blog/SP2010-Managed-Metadata-About-the-series