MCMS & SharePoint MVP Blog Directory

Others have come up with great lists of resources (like Heather’s SharePoint resource list) and lists of bloggers (like Mark Kruger’s list).  I’ve been asked through my site, user group meetings, and via email are there any public lists containing all the MVP bloggers that are SharePoint related (such as CMS/WSS/SPS).  Until now, this list didn’t exist in a consolidated format, such as an OPML (at least that I was aware of).

Here is an OPML of MVP bloggers for each product.

  • MCMS MVPs (links removed as outdated)
  • WSS MVPs (links removed as outdated)
  • SPS MVPs (links removed as outdated)

If I left your blog out, please let me know… I’ll update the list ASAP.

Also, please don’t duplicate the links above from your site if you decide to repost… please link back to this post as I plan to post additional links of note.