*** NOW AVAILABLE *** White Paper: Working with Large Lists in MOSS 2007

Wednesday, July 25, 2007 7:27 AM

[via SharePoint Team Blog: Scaling to Extremely Large Lists and Performant Access Methods]

This could have been called “working with HUGE lists” as it uses lists with other 150k items. What’s so cool about this paper is it details, with tangible results and graphs, the effectiveness of various query methods available to us in the SharePoint environment. It also shows how incredibly performant the PortalSiteMapProvider object really is within MOSS.

I had a chance to review the draft versions of this paper and can say this is a MUST READ for SharePoint developers… especially those working on externally facing sites. Those who sat through my high performance MOSS sites and in my WCM developer classes I’ve taught recently have heard me rave about this paper.

Go get this puppy… Steve Peschka of Microsoft did a KILLER job on this one. Go get it today… run, don’t walk! This instant classic should be issued in a leather bound commemorative edition like SI does for teams that win championships!

» Working with Large Lists in Office SharePoint Server 2007

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