2007 Office System Videos - WCM and BI

Sunday, October 1, 2006 6:08 AM

There are a handful of videos released that demonstrate the web content management business intelligence features in MOSS 2007. I’ve yet to successfully download the WCM video (always hangs at 9%) so I hope you have better luck. The WCM video is supposed to demonstrate creating a custom page layout. The BI videos cover things like:

  • Data visualization capabilities & solutions with Visio 2007
  • Programming BI features with Excel 2007
  • Building BI solutions using Excel & SSAS with Excel 2007
  • Developing UDF’s for Excel 2007 & Excel Services (MOSS)
  • Building data-rich BI site solutions with MOSS
  • Extensibility and advanced solutions with the Business Scorecard Manager 2005
  • Building custom solutions with Excel Services (MOSS)

Get the videos here:

» Web Content Management in Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007» 2007 Office System Video: Business Intelligence

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