A few new releases for some of my favorite apps

Thursday, May 31, 2007 7:54 AM

Windows Live Writer (Beta 2) is now available. The user interface is now more Vista-ish… a nice addition. But no ribbon? Sheesh… anyway, love this tiny little app to author posts for my blog (like this one!).

By the way, why in the hell are betas getting so long and drawn out? Microsoft & Google are likely doing this to (1) get products in people’s hands faster and to (2) avoid any legal implications… “oh, it’s still a beta version so bugs are expected.” Getting quite annoying.

» Windows Live Writer

FeedDemon 2.5 (RTM) is here… my favorite tool to read blog feeds. Why get the latest version? If you’re like me, you don’t get a chance to read your blogs every day… just not possible to always stay on top of them. So when do I read? Usually when I’m in an airport or on a plane… great time to tear through all the unread posts. But there’s a problem… if you’re disconnected, you don’t see images… arg. Well, now FeedDemon has a prefetch capability that will download images and links within unread posts for offline viewing. THANK YOU NICK!!!!

» FeedDemon 2.5

MindJet’s MindManager v7 was released this week. This is a killer app for building mind maps. I love using it for all my projects… like my digital brainstorm app. After watching John use it as his note-taking app within a presentation we were sitting through, I realized right then and there I needed to switch from OneNote to MindManager for taking notes in a presentation (I still love OneNote… don’t get me wrong). My problem with v6 was that I never knew all the features of MindManager… just did so much stuff I couldn’t keep up. Apparently others had the same problem so MindJet followed Microsoft’s lead and implemented the results-driven interface… MindManager v7 has ribbons! Oh yeah… already loving it. Perfect timing with TechEd next week. I also love the presentation feature… very slick.

» Mindjet’s MindManager v7

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