Wednesday, October 6, 2004 5:21 AM

Gotta love that unbiased media…

Here is the opening paragraph of the AP post-debate propaganda masquerading as analysis:

With cold efficiency, Vice President Dick Cheney sought to eviscerate the credibility of the Democratic presidential ticket Tuesday night..

Can you imagine an AP report focusing on Edwards' performance that began “With gooey unctuousness, Sen. John Edwards etc…”

The wire service’s anti-Bush/Cheney bent has been effectively documented here and here.

In any case, all four candidates claim they have what it takes to kill the terrorists wherever they are. I prefer it be done with “cold efficiency,” don’t you?

P.S. A reader notes that “the AP posted its annoying, bias-filled report of the debate at 9:54 PM–35 minutes before the debate ended!”

[Via Michelle Malkin]

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