Ah… AC is a happy boy… it’s football season again!

Sunday, September 7, 2008 4:01 AM

Finally… the season is back! College has been going for a week, but the NFL starts up for real this weekend (sans last Thursday night’s game). I LOVE football! My Florida Gators are in prime position to make a run for the national championship (I’ve got my tickets for the UF-UGA matchup on November 1 in Jacksonville… doing a red-eye back from PDC to make that game) and LSU in Gainesville with 90k strong Gator Nation in October. In the NFL, my Jags are also in great shape to make a run at the AFC and the post season. And my fantasy team looks pretty good to (stacked at WR)!

Ah… I so love this time of year… football. Only two seasons in my book: offseason & football season. :)

Go Gators & Gator Nation!

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