[American] Football, Fantasy Football, and … uh… more Football!

Wednesday, August 24, 2005 6:09 PM

Some noticed when I released an update to my blog UI (btw: thanks Heather!), I added a new post category: “Football (U.S.)”. For those that know me well, I live in two seasons: off season and football season. I have a passion for pro football in the US (I’m not talking about what the rest of the world calls football… what we Americans call soccer). I never played organized ball, but I’ve followed it from the time I can remember. My team, no surprise for where I live, is the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Primarily I’m a pro football (NFL) fan at heart, but I also enjoy and follow college (NCAA). My team there, my alma mater: University of Florida Gators. This year looks to be an exciting one for my Gatora with a new, no holds bard, coach in Urban Meyer! While in college, I got into fantasy football with three guys from Minnesota I found via my first online experience (AOL) in a chat room.

Over the next few years I eventually inheritted the commissioner duties of this league, the Fantasy Football Genuine Draft League (FFGDL) where we’ve had a steady group of owners play via Sportsline.com since 1998. There’s nothing like fantasy football. You learn more about the game as you know more players and the dynamics of each team, as well as you watch the game in a whole different manner. How do you make it more complicated? Follow the lines the odds makers put on the games! There’s nothing like rooting for your own team, but have the opposing team’s running back on your fantasy team, the team you’re playing in fantasy football has a receiver on your favorite team, and you only want your team to win by no more than 4.5 points!

Why share this? While this blog doesn’t delve into much non professional or techy stuff, I’d like to have an outlet for some of my football musings. Be it NFL, NCAA, fantasy, picking games against the lines, or whatever… you’ll start to see it here. Now, I need to start preparing for my fantasy draft… FFGDL draft is in less than two weeks and my team, the Rivercity Whiskeymen, has to be ready to take the field!!!

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