An op for Microsoft to nail the low hanging fruit: Cloudify every app’s settings/config

Wednesday, January 27, 2010 11:36 AM

I’ve got an idea for something totally feasible and doesn’t seem like a ton of work for Microsoft to offer for free without a lot of investment but would be loved by many consumers: cloudify application settings.

Many people use multiple computers. There are folks like I suspect most of my readers where you have one or more machines at home and one or more machines at work. Each application you use has different settings. Such as:

  • Windows customizations
  • Outlook’s signature files, reading pane config, category colors and so many other things in the Options section.
  • Visual Studio’s Tools > Options
  • Autocomplete options in Word
  • Office client ribbon customizations
  • And tons of other apps!

Wouldn’t it be nice if all these apps had a snap in to say “store my configuration/settings in the cloud” and stuff was stored in Mesh? Not talking about storing lots of data… most of these configurations are just text / XML files (or could be stored as such)… all secured with LiveID’s. Even offer up a free SDK to let 3rd party dev’s add hooks into their apps.

Each app could be then configured with “load settings from the cloud”. Now, no matter what machine I’m on my Visual Studio config is the same as is my Word autocomplete configurations.

One can wish I guess…

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