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Friday, June 19, 2009 7:04 PM
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I usually don't like blog posts that say “oh, I've been quiet lately… you'll see more posts coming soon” because most of the time, those posts are a crock of bull as the authors never pickup the pace… but I feel like I need to drop a little message after a few inquiries and being so light on the posts the last few months… specifically since March. This might be a bit more therapeutic for myself, so please, indulge me for a moment (or mark this post as read in your RSS reader and move along)…

The last few months have been brutal on me… personally and professionally. Started with wrapping up a few major writing projects… I spent a considerable amount of time writing three papers which will be published on MSDN (currently being tech reviewed) that I'm real proud of and I hope will benefit the greater SharePoint community. In addition, Ted Pattison and I worked feverishly in standing up our new company (including building out a brand new MOSS 2007 WCM site), Critical Path Training by TechEd (we went live the Sunday afternoon before TechEd) and then presented a handful of sessions at TechEd. I got back from TechEd on Saturday night around midnight. On Monday, the movers showed up to pack up the house and move us to our new house (about 10 minutes away) on Tuesday. Then, last week, my wife gave birth to our 2nd child, a beautiful baby girl (Kathryn)… just three weeks after we moved. How's that for cutting it close (and the reason why we hired movers to also pack us up… no way was she lifting stuff and going into labor… we literally couldn't fit that into the schedule!).

All in all, writing three sizeable technical papers, launching a company, building and launching a site, attending and presenting at a major conference, selling a house (in this market), buying a house, moving and having a baby is WAY too much to tackle in less than 3 months… TRUST ME! Thank goodness my wife managed the entire house sell/buy/move process… all while very pregnant (I'm a very lucky man). :)

Now… I finally feel like things are slowing down just a bit (or maybe that's the sleep deprivation of the 1-week old girl in the bassinet in our bedroom… either way… things are slowing down). Looking forward to the summer!

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