And the VS team’s promise was as true as it could be… until O12 popped from around the corner…

Friday, September 30, 2005 4:46 PM

For a while, one of the points the VS.NET team was touting in their demos and selling points was that ~finally~ we were going to get the latest and greatest UI controls that were used in the flagship products, namely Office. When VS 2003 shipped, we didn’t get the same controls that were included in Office 2003. Some third parties were able to provide the same look & feel as well as the same functionality such as Infragistics, DevExpress, and ComponentOne to name a few.

However, as leaked prior to, and unveiled at the PDC in Los Angelas earlier this month, we have all seen that the new version of Office 12 will have a MAJOR revamp of the user interface. We no longer have a ton of toolbars and menus and instead we now have tabs, galleries, and the ribbon!

Oh well… wonder how long it will take to see the third parties generate their own version of the ribbon.

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