Another MCE update… if it’s not one thing…

Wednesday, November 2, 2005 1:11 AM

It’s something else… isn’t it always that way?

Well I fixed my video issue.  Ends up I was fighting with the ATI Control Center, a special app you can get with the latest Catalyst v5.10 drivers that’s suppose to make it easier to manage your ATI card’s settings.  I was having such a fit with it.  In my research trying to troubleshoot my video issue (where the right & bottom part of the screen was getting cropped off when viewing on a TV & the video was only coming out in black & white), I saw many screenshots of people referring to the dialog with all the tabs when they went DISPLAY SETTINGS | SETTINGS tab | ADVANCED button.  I didn’t have that because once you clicked ADVANCED, you got a single tab that said you had to launch the ATI Control Center.  So, I decided to uninstall the Control Center and reinstall the v5.10 Catalyst drivers WITHOUT the Control Center.  A reboot later, I now had all the card’s advanced tabs in the dialog.  With a click here and there, I was easily able to find what I couldn’t find in the Control Center and fix my video issues!

But now, another issue.  In my last post, I mentioned I got my Bluetooth keyboard+mouse combo working.  Well, now they aren’t.  I can see the keyboard is still listed as a Bluetooth device, but no matter what I press, nothing comes up.  As for the mouse, when I add it as a device, it will get added (the PC won’t pickup the input when I move it around or anything), but once I close & reopen the dialog for the Bluetooth devices, the mouse is gone.  Just doesn’t “stick”.  I’ve scoured newsgroups, but unfortunately MSFT hardware isn’t much of a popular group apparently.  I really want to get this resolved before I put it in the living room as a wired connection isn’t an option.  I tried ripping all the Bluetooth stuff out by the roots as described in the MSFT KB article Q811805, but no luck there. 

Usually I subscribe to the “blogs are for publishing, newsgroups are for questions” school, but I’ll make one exception.  If you know how to troubleshoot Bluetooth issues, I could really use some help here.

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