Application Versions

Sunday, November 27, 2005 6:07 PM

After hunting around for the umteenth time trying to find yet another Microsoft server product version number, I decided to throw the list I keep in OneNote into an article and post on my site.  Now it will be easier to find, and maybe it will help someone else along the line.

This will be an organic list and I plan to update it as I find new build numbers for existing products.  I don’t plan on adding every single little hotfix version number, but only major releases (like RTM, service packs, and feature rollup packs).

Currently list only includes the .NET Framework, SQL Server (going back to SQL 7), Content Management Server, and SharePoint.

» Application Versions

[Updated 11/29]: Updated the CMS versions to include CMS 2001.  Thanks to Stefan for helping out with this.

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