Authoring XML schema (XSD) with InfoPath

Friday, May 27, 2005 4:29 AM

[via Guoqiang Wu]

A while back I found Guaqiag’s SimpleBlogger which is an InfoPath form used to post/manage your .Text blog.  Since then he’s taken the SimpleBlogger a step further and created the CSBlogger which is a slick InfoPath form used for one stop management of your Community Server v1.1 blog.  I only wish CSBlogger was working for .Text!  Maybe this is the perfect first InfoPath form for me to work on, modifying someone’s work to work with .Text (and Subtext)!

Anyway, more onto my point.  I recently subscribed to Guaqiang’s blog and noticed two posts this week that others my find interesting.  It’s a two part post, but the second part is where the meat is (see: part 1 for potatoes).

In part 2, he details how you can use InfoPath, with a little extra work, to build your XML schema (XSD) visually!!!!  NOW THAT ROCKS.

Authoring XML schema (XSD) with InfoPath: Part 1 & Part 2

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