Being a dad is a lot more fun than I expected

Wednesday, January 31, 2007 8:35 PM

We take a break from the SharePoint/technology focus of this blog for a more personal post…

Just over two years ago, my son was born. I was never the type that was ready, or I think would ever be ready, to want to have a baby. I mean, I wanted to have a family, I just liked my routine and didn’t really know what I was getting myself into. After saying “next year” three times, Meredith (my wife) finally said that the time was right. I went into it with the trust, and hope, that I’d grow into the role of being a dad.

The first few months were what I expected and what you hear: they eat, sleep, poop… lather, rinse, repeat. But then Steven started to recognize us and focus on our faces… then the smiles came. The feedback and recognition was so satisfying. And it only got better.

Last week Steven turned two years old, and I’ve had more fun than I ever thought. It’s so much more fulfilling as each day passes. Now he’s starting to get the hang of kicking balls in the front yard, his vocabulary is exploding, and every day he surprises us with something new. It’s a lot more fun and fulfilling than I ever expected.

So his two-year-old party was a blast. I think some of the adults got just as much out of them as the kids. Like most boys, he loves trains. So Meredith found this guy who has created his own train for kids to ride in, made out of a John Deer tractor and 50-gallon drums… it was perfect! Steven and his cousins rode it the whole day… it was a hit! If you’re interested in seeing more pictures, we stuck a few here.

It’s fun to be a dad :)

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