Beware the IIS slowdown gocha when you have MCMS installed…

Thursday, June 24, 2004 9:24 PM

A few months ago, I was working on a ASP.NET application where the database was on my laptop and I was disconnected (specifically on a plane home from a work trip one night) and I noticed that VS.NET was incredibly slow… not only that, but so was IIS. I thought it was VS.NET, not IIS. Well, it had something to do with MCMS… you can read my original problem description.

Well, I figured out what the problem was.  It wasn’t VS.NET… it was IIS.  It finally dawned on me that when I was offline, the MCMS ISAPI filters couldn’t talk to the our development MCMS database.  I backed up my IIS MetaBase and removed the two MCMS ISAPI filters and reset IIS.  Low and behold, IIS was nice a peppy… just like it is when connected (if not faster).  Makes sense… every request sent to IIS is trapped by all the ISAPI filters, including MCMS which is trying to check it’s database to see if the path should be managed by MCMS.  Because it’s not connected, it’s taking the ISAPI filters a while to realize they should pass it through to IIS. So… anyone know of a way to turn off the MCMS  ISAPI filters without this manual process of removing the filters, doing my disconnected work, then restoring the IIS Metabase backup?  If I figure it out, I’ll let you know.

*** UPDATE 6/25/2004 1:20p EST: After posting this issue to the MCMS newsgroup, “all MCMS knowing“ Stephan, pointed out the reason in the FAQ.  Duh… why didn’t I go there first?

» FAQ: Topic: Delayed Web requests when MCMS server is disconnected from SQL Server

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