Bil monetizes SharePoint bloggers…

Wednesday, October 26, 2005 10:16 AM

[via Fear & Loathing]

No, that Canadian didn’t start some sort of slave trade of fellow sharePointers, but he checked against the “How much is your blog worth?” site to come up with values for some SharePoint related bloggers.  Bil ranked in at #3 @ $45k.  No surprise Jan & Patrick came in wiht the top two spots ($72k & $52k respectively). I’ll cry foul with the antitrust guys in the EU over the U2U monopoly! Yours truly came in at #6 @ $33k.

I could start a joke about some crazy Belgian or Canadian exchange rate that skewed the results in Jan’s, Patrick’s, and Bil’s favor, but I won’t (I’ll just imply it!).

In related news, interested buyers looking for a good price… I’ll knock 10% of the price of my blog… that’s a great value at $30k!

Check Bil’s post for a longer list:

» The Value of SharePoint Blogs

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