Bil’s assesment of Ferris Research’s SharePoint “research” is dead on

Friday, October 14, 2005 7:07 PM

[via Bil Simser]

A group called Ferris Research released a post “SharePoint is not good for enteprise content management” which has some significant misperceptions and assumptions about SharePoint.  Bil Simser has taken the time to take issue with their article.

For one, the title shows how off-the-path they are: SharePoint is NOT for enterprise content management.  SharePoint is for online collaboration, Content Management Server (MCMS) is for… wait… wait… ah ha!  Content management!

This article (not Bil’s, Ferris Resarch’s article) has the tone that it started with the premise that it would be negative against SharePoint.  Can you shoot holes in SharePoint vNow?  Sure… anyone can.  I can also shoot holes in just about any product if I was asked to.  But you need to take a look at it for what it’s positioned for. 

Nice rebuttal Bil.

» SharePoint (mis)Information, again…

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