Blog UI update

Saturday, July 30, 2005 8:29 PM

I uploaded a new UI skin to my blog tonight. 

Special thanks to SharePoint UI diva Heather Solomon who’s the brains behind this new look.  After a short IM session of explaining what colors and features I liked, Heather threw this new look together and even included a slick new logo (not to mention going so far as to chopping it up and providing .Text friendly CSS classes)! 

I’m very happy with my new look (thanks again Heather!)… now to focus on updating my blog and the rest of my site.  My plan is still to move to SubText, likely sooner rather than later.  After that, I’d like to implement a place for my pet projects and sample code, as well as a link blog viewer and some other tid-bits.  Ah… if there wasn’t that full-time job to get in the way of personal projects.

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