Blogging is great

Friday, May 27, 2005 4:50 AM

[via Sahil Malik]

I couldn’t agree more:

  1. Blogging is a way to get the information out there. I don’t need to check for spelling/grammatical mistakes on my blog - in writing articles/books 85% of the effort is responding to nitpicky reviewers (but I still love you HEEHEE).2. Blogging is peer reviewed - If I am incorrect about anything, there are a lot of self appointed policemen who will zealously correct me.3. Blogging is like gaining the experience of working in a zillion companies at the same time, because people are willing and eager to share their experience.4. Blogging is fun - I can at times do a blog about something totally irrelevant - something funny, or something I feel strongly about.5. Blogging is all about choice - my rule is, if you blog more than once about your cat in a week - I delete your RSS from my aggregator.6. Blogging is all about choice #2 - I can find, sniff blogs that concern my topics of interest. I can discover other such blogs via the links my existing put in there.7. Blogging is an awesome library - I frequently put a link to a useful peice of info that I KNOW I will forget - but I know it’s on my blog.8. Blogging is about human relations - a lot of rude folks show up and post rude comments, you learn how to deal with such asnine retards who have never gotten laid and will happily kiss a half decayed carcass just for the experience.9. Blogging is about discovery - “Damn I didn’t know that, wow, ultra neat”, or “Damn MSDN doesn’t tell you this”, or “Beta2 information’s best source are softie blogs”.10. Finally, Blogging is about making new friends :-), right codebetter buddies?

Oh and did I mention, blogging is also about career, advertisement, job search, track record, helping others, being helped, putting your .NET experience on steroids, organization, personality, getting fired, getting hired, responsibility, bad mouthing, humor, self elation, sharing, being honest, .. and a lot more.

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