Blogging my way to the PDC…

Sunday, June 12, 2005 6:48 PM

I’ve already blown my travel/training budget on TechEd USA, so I’m going for the long shot to PDC.  I’m big into MCMS and SPS and I’m dying to see the futures of both products, which seem to be slated for more press at PDC 2005!  Please… pick me!!!

At TechEd 2005 in Orlando, FL, I was one of the first to post Arpan’s news (Senior Product Manager : Portals with Microsoft) to both my MoBlog as well as on my blog here and here.  Expectations are high that more breaking news about the future versions of both Microsoft Content Management Server (MCMS) and SharePoint Portal Server (SPS).  By that time I’ll have a much better MoBlogging engine where it is seamlessly integrated into my primary blog.  This enhancement to my blog will make live, breaking news, even more effective.

My pledge to those in the blogsphere who can’t make the PDC, and those who do but are stuck in other sessions, is that I will tirelessly work to report the latest and greatest play-by-play at PDC for all to read.  I will do it bypassing any food if necessary… yes, I did this at TechEd (just ask some of the folks [like this one or that one] I was with who will vouch for my week-long binge on PowerBars).

In addition, I will work all night to blog the latest summaries from the PDC, as well as do personal hunting trips through the cabanas asking your most intimate (err… stumping) questions of the experts as I did for Angus and a WSS/Reporting Services question.

I further pledge that I will not partake in any crazy late night libations with crazy man Angus Logan, who will be there, until all the day’s pledges have been fulfilled… nor will I drink TOO much where I won’t be able to fulfill my pledge the following day.

I’ll even start up the “99 bottles of beer on the plane” for the Atlanta, GA to Los Angelas, CA flight (for which all Jacksonville flights must go through)!

I also pledge to get a single piece of swag from the expo floor (unless it’s a Sony PSP, Portable Media Center, full sized Media Center, or Tablet PC… those are mine damnit!) for every person who votes for me.

Please, vote for me!!!!

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