Blogs are bad… no… journalists just present a one sided argument

Wednesday, November 23, 2005 8:27 AM

The November issue of Forbes has a cover story titled “Attack of the Blogs!” with subtitles of “They destroy brands and wreck lives” & “Is there any way to fight back?”

The whole article deals with how some bloggers have turned, unjustly, on certain companies and individuals.  In one case (the lead example in the article), some guy claimed to be a British reporter and started slamming one company. The guy ended up being convicted of some illegal securities (stocks, etc) actions. Other stores are legit (how a bunch of bloggers slammed a CNN journalist for a comment, eventually forcing him to resign).

There are plenty examples of bloggers bringing to light little known issues and other examples of bloggers bringing people/companies down. What the article fails to mention are the legitimate issues. A perfect example is the whole Sony rootkit saga first brought to light by Mark Russinovich (Mark’s first post breaking the news, his blog, and Business Week has a good overview for the general public to understand what’s happened). Will this bring Sony down? Not likely… but it was a great public service making the world aware of something Sony was doing… no one was previously aware… including the artist’s whose actual product was being tampered (and from some reports, whose sales have been hurt by this).

Articles like the one in Forbes don’t present the full picture & it’s disappointing that some readers will take it as such. Blogs give individuals a voice, no longer are you spoon fed what the main stream media decides to give you (with their own slant for that matter… left/right… whatever… it’s got a slant). The reaction to blogs (in articles like the Forbes one) is expected. When the Internet was gaining in popularity, while many were gawking over the openness and reach of it, others complained about the negative effects it could have.

Enough ranting… fellow Americans enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday.  For you non-Americans, enjoy a bunch of us offline for the next day.

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