Bunch of MCMS links

Saturday, April 23, 2005 5:14 AM

Spent some time on the road and working like crazy on the book lately… this has caused me to neglect my site.  However, I’ve still been reading the blogs I subscribe to and have noticed quite a few MCMS tidbits worth mentioning.

  • RAPID:Workflow [via Mark]:  Trinity Expert Systems’ has developed their own workflow solution/designer, driven by the BizTalk Human Workflow Services engine.  Trinity has offered to share their solution for free as part of the RAPID partner community and they are in talks the RAPID folks about packaging it up… as Mark Harrison says: “potentially as RAPID:Workflow”.
  • RAPID developer reference [via Stefan]: The folks at RAPID have released a CHM help file used as a developer reference.  It details the class structure in RAPID very well.
  • RAPID developer webcast [via CMS.RAPID Launch]: The folks at RAPID are hosting a webcast that is targeted specifically to developers.  The web cast is on May 3rd and you can register here.
  • MCMS2002 SDK Updated [via Mark]: The folks at Microsoft have released a ~major~ update to the MCMS SDK.  Check it out here.
  • MCMS User Guide [via Mark]: Intergen has composed a 148pg MCMS User Guide for content owners/managers.  I had the chance to review it recently and it’s quite impressive… VERY good for the end user.  Contact [email protected] for more information (no, it isn’t free).
  • ITHit WAE v2.0 Free Edition [via Mei Ying]: The folks at ITHit have released a free version of their Web Author Enhancement v2.0 that you can download here.
  • MCMS SharePoint List Items Placeholder [via Angus]: Stephen Huen, who’s written a bunch of articles for CodeProject related to MCMS, has built a MCMS placeholder that displays items from a SharePoint list.  Read the whole article and download the source here.
  • ROI Case Study – MCMS & GMAC [via MCMSFAQ]: GMAC used MCMS to do what everyone else who uses MCMS has already realized: put content management in the hands of the content owners, and relieve the maint. burden on the IT department.
  • MCMS Manager 1.2 [via Chester]: Chester is constantly updating his MCMS Manager, currently up to v1.2.  You can read about it and download from his article on CodeProject.  While a good idea, I’m not a fan of his approach.  When you launch the utility, it gathers information on your MCMS environment.  For those who implement an isolated development environment on a 2000+ posting site… it can take a while to download (last night, when connected via VPN, it took over 10 minutes to load).  I tested it locally on our shared build server (with a recent productin backup), it it still took over 4 minutes to load.  Why not go with the dynamic loading of the channels and postings when you click on them like Site Manager?
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