Bunch of SharePoint links

Saturday, April 23, 2005 5:25 AM

Similar to my MCMS post, here are a bunch of “catch-up” links I thought worthwhile to mention.

  • SharePoint Explorer window in VS.NET [via Jan]: This is pretty cool VS.NET extension that lets you explore your SharePoint site right from within VS.NET!  My favorite part to this: right-click a list or document library and it will generate some code that will give you a reference of the list!  Cool stuff… check out the project on GotDotNet.
  • SharePoint Portal Search web service tester [via Mart]: Very cool tool that helps you build a MSQuery and view the results from the search service.  Check it out on Travis’ site.
  • SharePoint Advanced Search Tools Workspace [via Mark]: Matthew Cosier has moved his project to GotDotNet.
  • WSSUserUtil / SPSUserUtil v2.0 [via Patrick]: Krichie has released a new version of his user utility for SharePoint… read about it on his blog.
  • SharePoint Document Mover Utility [via Bil]: “Documents Mover is a tool that moves the files between sharepoint document libraries and keeping the version history and the directory structure of the files.”  Get it here.
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