CAML.NET continued and using SPLists as your custom authentication provider

Sunday, May 6, 2007 11:18 AM

John Holliday’s CAML.NET

A few weeks ago I blogged about a new project by my fellow Jacksonville Office Geeks co-founder, John Holliday, called CAML.NET. CAML.NET is a new way to write CAML in a much more object oriented sense… with all the love of IntelliSense and compile-time debugging. It’s goal is to make you more productive and efficient when working with CAML.

John’s just added another post to his blog showing even more of the power in CAML.NET. This latest post (what looks to be a multi-part series) he shows how, using CAML.NET, you can create reusable queries. For example, I love his sample that shows how he created a QueryByContentType object that lets you specify the content type and it generates the necessary CAML under the hood… then all you have to do is create an instance of it and specify the scope and POOF! CAML!

» Working with CAML.Net - Part 1

Willie Rust’s Using SharePoint Lists as the datastore for custom Authentication Providers

Willie Rust, new to the blogging scene, has come bursting out of the gate with two killer posts explaining how he used a SharePoint list as the data store for a custom authentication provider for another SharePoint site. I love this approach is you’ve got an admin UI baked in. And for those of you who worry about the password storage, rest assured, he’s storing it with a one-way hash and also masking the value when displayed in the browser… so it’s secure!

I had a chance to work with Willie for a few days and see this auth provider in action… it’s quite slick if I say so myself. This looks like another good new SharePoint blogger to subscribe to.

His two posts are great reads. Oh, Willie… all that CAML you’re writing… you should check out John’s CAML.NET! :)

» Using a SharePoint List as an Authentication Provider: Part 1» Using a SharePoint List as an Authentication Provider: Part 2

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