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The time is near... Microsoft is ready to lift the covers off SharePoint 2010 to the public in Las Vegas this upcoming week and share all the details with the world! It's sure to be an exciting week. I can speak first hand that SharePoint 2010 is quite an exciting new version of SharePoint. My blogging has gone down quite a bit over the last year... why? Well...

What I've Been Up To...

Since late 2008 I've been part of a small team led by Critical Path Training that's been teaching hundreds of developers in the Metro and Ignite programs all the new fun stuff you can do with SharePoint 2010. I've been quite eager to talk about all the new stuff in SharePoint... what's new with Web Content Management and Enterprise Content Management along with so many other cool new things! Finally... I can start blogging about what I'm working on again!

Critical Path Training and SharePoint 2010

Thanks to this experience over the last year and armed with deep knowledge of SharePoint 2010, we at Critical Path Training has a unique ability to offer you top notch SharePoint 2010 education offerings. Who else can say "we've been teaching this stuff for a year" ? Need more...check out why you should select Critical Path Training for your SharePoint 2010 needs!

We're coming out of the gate with three classes for you early adopters, with developer and administrator classes scheduled starting in December of this year. The three classes are for the three primary audiences: developers, IT Professionals / administrators and power users (no-code customization stuff).

For more details on what's covered in these classes, click on the class links above to go to our site and see details.

Space is limited for our first few classes... so when can you register? Short answer: today!

SharePoint 2010 Developer classes:

  • Ted Pattison is teaching in Tampa, FL the week of December 7, 2009 (register today!)
  • I'll be teaching in Boston, MA the week of December 14, 2009 (register today!)
  • For those who can't make the hands on classes, I'll be teaching the webcast version of our developer class the week of December 7, 2009 (register today!)

SharePoint 2010 Administrator classes:

  • Shane Young is teaching a webcast the week of December 7 (register today!)
  • Shane Young is teaching in Tampa, FL the week of December 14 (register today!)

SharePoint Conference 2009 - FREE TRAINING!

For those of you who are attending the SharePoint Conference 2009 in Las Vegas next week, be sure to stop by our booth #601. We're giving away multiple Amazon Kindle 2's as well as over $15,000 worth of SharePoint 2010 training all week!

How does it work? It's pretty easy... stop by our booth to register and get the details on the Kindle's. As for the free training, here's how that works:

  • After registering, we'll give you a sticker.
  • Put the sticker somewhere visible such as on your backpack, on your hat, on your shirt, etc. Be creative... and make sure it's visible!
  • Critical Path Training folks will be roaming the conference throughout the week. At random we'll pick someone who's got their sticker clearly displayed and give them a voucher for one of our December classes!

Many of our instructors are also presenting at the show. I've got two breakout sessions on Thursday. Both Ted Pattison and Scot Hillier also have breakout sessions on some great topics. Check our site for session details and times.

Ted and I are also co-presenting a post-conference workshop for developers on Friday... and it's sold out! We'll have a blast!

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