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Monday, July 16, 2012 12:00 PM

Well now it’s out, SharePoint 2013 beta 2. One of the best parts of this announcement is the fact that they have also lifted their non disclosure agreements (NDAs)… this includes many of us at Critical Path Training! For the third SharePoint release in a row Microsoft selected Critical Path Training to teach their own developers & customers.

In March 2011 Microsoft selected three of our senior instructors (Ted Pattison, Scot Hiller & myself Andrew Connell) to research, develop and deliver a 5-day SharePoint 2013 developer course that has been taught to hundreds of customers in the TAP and Ignite programs. During this time we learned quite a bit about how the product worked and watched the changes that happened to it going from the milestone phases to Beta 1 “Technical Preview” (B1), Beta 1 “Technical Preview” Refresh (B1R) & now to Beta 2 (B2). You can read more about why we’re the ones to be your go-to resource for SharePoint 2013 training on our website.

With the announcement of SharePoint 2013, we at Critical Path Training have a lot of opportunities to share with you on how you can get up to speed with this latest release! There are a few ways we can help: 2013 courses, 2013 courseware for licensing partners, free office hours & class offerings:

SharePoint 2013 Courses

Our website has been updated with all our new 2013 courses that are targeted to three different audiences initially: developers, administrators & IT Professionals and Power Users or those who want to customize SharePoint without writing any code. Check our schedule for dates when these courses will be available for registration. Each of the links below have links where you can download a PDF version of the full course details

Developer Courses

IT Pro / Administrator Courses

Power User / Information Worker Courses

As I said, watch the schedule for availability when we’ll first start teaching these courses. Or contact our sales team to get on a list to be notified when they are added to the schedule. If it is anything like SharePoint 2010, these first few classes will fill up very fast! We will first offer the developer & administrator courses… the power user / no-code courses will follow soon after those are complete.

FREE SharePoint 2013 Office Hours

This is something new we’re doing. We know with a new release of SharePoint you’re bound to have a ton of questions. I’ve written about my initial take on this release, but that’s going to open more questions than answers I’m sure! So, this time around we are going to introduce something called Office Hours. What this will be is an hour of open Q/A… no demos or presentations planned (maybe an off-the-cuff demo)… just answering your questions you post to us via Twitter.

Special Summer Sale: 2-for-1 SharePoint 2010 & SharePoint 2013 Training

For the months of July & August 2012 we’re offering a special deal. If you register for any of our 4 or 5 day classes (see schedule here), we will automatically enroll you in your choice of our developer or administrator beta webcast for the next version of SharePoint (a $995 value!). Get all the Details here: Two-For-One Summer 2012 Deal

Andrew Connell will be teaching the developer class and Ted Pattison will be delivering the administrator class.

SharePoint 2013 Courseware for Licensing Partners

Another line of business that we have is licensing some of our courseware to other training companies for them to teach to their customers. We’ve done this for SharePoint 2007 & SharePoint 2010 and we’re going to do it for SharePoint 2013! You can get all the info as well as each course’s syllabus from our website.

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