Chris O'Brien's Top 5 WCM Tips

Thursday, October 23, 2008 7:32 AM
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[via Chris O'Brien]

Chris O'Brien has posted the details from his recent “Top 5 WCM tips” presentation at a user group in UK. He's got some pretty cool tips here… some things I hadn't seen or considered. BTW Chris, thanks for the shout out on for my book, blog & recent WCM guidance article on MSDN.

Best thing about these kinds of posts is that not everyone will agree on the same tips… but getting different perspectives is always refreshing. I really like his tips (with subtips) #4: plan for unexpected errors & #5.2: implement a custom master page class.

Hey Chris, any chance we can see some of your code snippets for #4 and #5.2? :)

» Chris O'Brien: My top 5 WCM tips presentation

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