CodeRush 2.0.4 is available… my, how a minor revision update has been so eagerly anticipated!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006 12:20 AM

Earlier today, DevExpress posted the 2.0.4 build of CodeRush (and Refactor! Pro). Those of us who’ve been waiting for the training… err… CodeRush tool window but haven’t been able to use it due to an issue with the window and IE7. Well, the 2.0.4 build is here and it fixes the issue! I’d seen the window in videos, but to have it at your finger tips, man, its pure coding sweetness.

I only wish I could have shown during my session at the Tampa Code Camp… wait… the Jacksonville Code Camp is right around the corner… maybe I’ll have a chance then? We’ll see then the agenda is posted in a few weeks! If my dev tools talk is picked, I’ll be sure to leave time at the end for CodeRush & Refactor demos. And no worries if you’ve seen my talk… I’m adding a new tools (and dropping a a handful of my already-shown tools) to my list of demos!

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