DevExpress’ CodeRush & Refactor! Pro get a major drop next week: 2.0!!!

Friday, June 9, 2006 4:49 AM

[via Developer Express blogs]

It’s no secret I’m in love with DevExpress’ DXCore, CodeRush, and Refactor! Pro as I posted about them late last year. If you follow the DevExpress newsgroups, saw a misc post on my blog last month, or read Mark Miller’s blog, you’ll know that they have been hard at work recently. If you’re already a user, you know that DevExpress subscribes to the school of frequent releases for bug fixes and new features. However, we’ve been at the current version for a few months now… so what’s up?

Yesterday, Julian says what’s up on on the DevExpress blogs: so many new features and enhancements that they’re going to v2! So what’s the big deal? Here’s just three, yet huge, bits about 2.0:

  • Refactor! Pro 2.0 will have twice as many refactorings as ReSharper 2.0
  • CodeRush 2.0 is getting dynamic templates (see Mark’s post for more on dynamic templates)
  • CodeRush 2.0 ships with an interactive training window! One of the biggest challenges in using CodeRush is discoverability… finding all the features because it’s such a comprehensive product! The training videos help tremendously, but having an interactive training window will rock!

Release is scheduled for next week. If you’re going to be at TechEd next week, stop by their booth to check it out… I know I’ll be doing that! Then, as soon as I can get a reliable connection (who’s betting wireless is better than last year), I’m nabbing the new bits! They are also releasing new training vidoes next week to showcase the 2.0 updates.

Watch the DevExpress blogs for more info… as well as the DevExpress newsgroups. By far, one (err.. two) of my favorite tools… and I just can’t live without!

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