DevExpress’ CodeRush and Refactor! Pro… v2.1 is coming soon and a list of all refactorings!

Wednesday, December 27, 2006 5:42 AM

[via Mark Miller]

Not only is Mark shooting for 100 refactorings in Refactor! Pro in 2007, but he’s also listed every single refactoring (as well as the 21 new refactorings in this release, including 9 for ASP.NET!!!). I can’t wait… gimme now! I’ve made no secret that I’m in love with CodeRush & Refactor! Pro… you’ve got to try it for yourself (or at least watch the training videos)! Very few products actually hold true to the “it just sells itself” phrase… I fully agree with this these offerings!

And it looks like it’s not only for gear heads, but there are even a few for you artsy types… two new refactorings in ASP.NET (from Mark’s post):

  • Extract ContentPlaceholder - moves the selected content from the master page to a new *.aspx file, placing it inside the tags, and inserts a new tag at the extraction point inside the master page.
  • Extract ContentPlaceholder (and create master page) - moves the content that is outside of the selection (in the active *.aspx page) to a new master page, inserting a tag to reference the extracted content, then wraps the selection in the *.ASPX page with tags and adds a MasterPageFile attribute to link to link to the new master page.
  • Extract Style (class) - converts an inline style to a named class style
  • Extract Style (id) - converts an inline style to a named id style
  • Move Style Attributes to CSS - moves styling attributes from the active control to a new CSS class and applies the class to the control

» Mark Miller: My New Year’s Resolution: 100 Refactorings in 2007

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